Female Athletes Mastering Their Mind. Changing Their Game.

"I learned to recognize negative self talk and manage to make it positive"

"I learned about myself and how I respond to external stimuli, now I have tools to better manage and cope"

"I came away more mindful and have more awareness/control of my emotions and actions, both on and off the court"

"Expressing feelings [in clinics] helped me be more confident and perform better"

"We were given tools to help us manage our emotions, conflict, fears and stress in order to become a more successful team"








Meet The Co-Founders

Hey, I'm Audrey

I am a licensed therapist who specializes in sports performance, anxiety, and eating disorders. I own a thriving practice in Vernon Hills, IL. A practice that serves over 160 people per week with an amazingly talented group of therapists. I know a lot about mental health and I know that most female athletes are high performers and stressed out of their minds. I know because I was that girl. I was a Division 1* volleyball player who was injured and had to end my career early despite being a decorated athlete, NCAA appearance and more. I co-founded SHEBE because I know that mental strength does not come naturally, we have to work for it.

SHEBE provides females with the skills and inspiration to strengthen their mental game, explore who they are and where they want to go.

Our SHEBE girls know who they are, what they want and where they are going. After all, "SHEBE who she want to be." -Audrey xo

Listen Now: What it Means To Be An Injured Athlete

Hey, I'm Kelly

Co-founding SHEBE with Audrey, a former high-school club teammate, is an absolute dream for me. Playing Division 1* volleyball at the University of Minnesota has uniquely positioned me for launching a community and platform to help young athletes and the next generation of leaders live a life that is fueled by confidence and enriched with personal power and self-care.

My experience as senior captain of the U of M volleyball team in a highly competitive conference and as a former professional player has opened both my eyes and my heart to what can be transformative training for athletes beyond the physical. Over the years as a player, coach, and in my professional years in commercial real estate, I have seen too many teenage girls and grown women held back by insecurity, self-doubt, fear of failure, and buckle under their innate drive for perfection.

Being trained by world-class coaches who taught me beyond physical skills and drills, my greatest gift was being taught to lead from within myself and perform through fear, to play scared. I am grateful for my many coaches and mentors who encouraged me to face challenges head on, embrace diversity of thought and body, and be confident, no matter the circumstance.

I am a woman who believes females, especially female athletes, are future leaders. Whether it is with those in my personal life, peers across my real estate profession, or young athletes while coaching club volleyball, I am passionate about empowering women and helping them see and reach their full potential and most authentic selves.

Kelly Kenefick, co-founder of SHEBE, is a former DI captain and club volleyball coach. Kelly is currently VP of Acquisition and Development for one of the leading real estate firms in the country. She has a gift for connecting with her audience, in a live workshop community, or on a virtual platform. Kelly inspires and equips young athletes and women to stand tall and live vibrant lives.

*Division 1 is the highest level of intercollegiate athletics sanctioned by the NCAA in the United States.

Best Friends for 20 Years

"If we know one thing about sports, we know it's the best place to make lifelong friends." - Audrey & Kelly

Kelly and Audrey grew up in neighboring hometowns but never went to school together. They spent five years traveling around the country playing for Illinois Elite Volleyball Club in Bloomington, IL, spending countless nights staying up late in their hotel room, discussing life's painful moments, their big audacious dreams and of course laughing WAY too much! 

They have always been kindred spirits because they both always knew...you have to be stay true to yourself, especially in a world that tells you to be anything but that.

These two girls have always beat to their own drum but it's a lot easier to be big and bold when you know there is someone who will ALWAYS have your back, no matter what. Their lifelong friendship has given them permission to take risks because they knew they could never truly fail with a sisterhood like theirs. Now it's time they share their secrets to raise powerful and amazing women so SHEBE whoever she WANTS to be. 


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